5 of the Best Outdoor Games You’ve Never Played Before

Fun outdoor games are an engaging and memorable way to add spice and excitement to any party, drawing people together while stretching muscles that may have gone dormant since high school sports days.

Outdoor games also encourage social interaction and friendship formation, with some of the top outdoor games enabling children to develop teamwork and communication skills.


Thousands of five-star reviews hail this family-friendly game with five stars as “incredible.” Easily transportable, no setup necessary and played both competitively or cooperatively – plus it gets kids outside, away from video games and other indoor toys!

Volleyball four square is a team-based sport played widely at colleges, parks and beaches alike. To play, two teams must run around an enclosed net in an open area free of obstructions.

As the runner-up for best outdoor game, Giant Jenga is perfect for all members of a family or a group of friends to play together and can produce many laughs while helping develop hand-eye coordination skills. This fun outdoor game also helps with hand-eye coordination improvement!

Ladder Toss

Are You Searching for an Easy, Portable Game for Your BBQ, Tailgate or Party Plans? Ladder Ball Is an excellent Choice

Ladder toss involves players or teams throwing bolas onto ladder rungs of two ladder frames. Each rung has an assigned point value; and the first team to score 21 points wins the competition.

The ApudArmis Ladder Game Set is an ideal choice for backyard parties or beach trips, thanks to its robust construction that can withstand even wild throws. Plus, its convenient carrying case stores all of its tools. Tangle-free ropes ensure safe gameplay!


’90s blockbuster movie Jo, featuring Melissa Leo as gonzo meteorologist Jo, featured futuristic equipment pitted against tornadoes. This combination of science, drama and special effects created an unnerving journey that audiences would remember fondly.

Twister is an exciting indoor or outdoor game to play, providing there is enough space for flailing limbs and tumbles. All that’s necessary for two players is a large mat-o-dots, spinner, and two players to get started!

Blindfolded Twister makes the game of Twister more accessible for kids by using tactile symbols that require them to find them through touch alone. Or add an inflatable version as part of an outdoor birthday or family gathering celebration! It makes an unforgettable party centerpiece!


No matter where the family gathers for fun, this family game gets everyone engaged. Children work in teams to deflect discs into a thin slot on the front of the board in order to score points – an engaging alternative to video gaming that promotes healthy competition!

Connect 4 is an elegant tabletop game, ideal for large families or groups of friends to enjoy together. Play it one-on-one or with teammates and see who can land four tokens consecutively first!

Tag is an exhilarating, team-based game that requires quick thinking and plenty of running – perfect for outdoor parties that can easily be tailored to fit a specific theme! Dress-up relay races provide kids with another way of having fun outside while building teamwork skills and satisfying their competitive natures!


Played outdoors on either natural soil or asphalt courts, this exciting outdoor game gets the adrenaline flowing. Centered around a smaller ball (known as the jack), players compete to see who can score points by underhandedly tossing or rolling their larger balls as close as possible to it for maximum scoring opportunities.

Bocce can be a more competitive form of play than corn hole and horseshoes, often featuring tournament level competition. But even for casual gamers looking for fun bocce sets come equipped with everything they need to start the game right.

Some of the best outdoor games for adults can also be great fun for children – this one being an example. Teamwork and patience development are necessary elements to its success as it encourages an ability to persevere over time.

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