The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

The Best Waterfalls In Iceland

When it comes to deciding which beautiful waterfalls in Iceland you are going to visit, many travelers find it difficult to make up their mind. Fortunately, there are some great waterfalls that you can visit in this picturesque country. If you’re planning a vacation to Iceland, you don’t have to worry about how to choose the perfect waterfall. Since there are so many varieties, you will easily be able to find one that will meet your expectations. To help you better plan your itinerary, here are the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland you can visit.

Hveragerdi Waterfall Located in the southern iceland, Hveragerdi is Iceland’s most popular waterfall. It is composed of a series of gradual water falls which meander their way down from the heights. This waterfall is definitely a sight to behold. When you stand in front of it, you will be greeted by a spectacular view. It is only 3 feet wide at the center, but you won’t even notice it because of how gradually it slides down.

Eyjafjallavellir The best way to describe this waterfall is breathtaking. You can even walk right over it! There is no other way to describe this waterfalls other than that it is breathtaking. When you take the time to walk towards it, you will see how the water cascades down over a hundred feet into the misty landscape.

Sigynundur A short drive from Eyjafjallavellir, you will come across a small fishing village called Sigynundur. What makes it unique is that its name means “The Blue Water”. You will soon learn why when you stop to stare at the magnificent blue water that flows out of the fissures in the rocks below. This waterfall measures almost forty feet tall and is made out of basaltic rock.

Fjord Patreksfjordur Just to the south of Eyjafjallavellur is the town of Fjord Patreksfjordur. This is the most popular tourist destination in Iceland and it features a number of impressive waterfalls. You will find the Tana River flowing through the center of the town, which is positioned in the heart of the countryside. Up till recently, it was believed that this waterfall was once part of the Ice age, which explains why it is so impressive to look at.

Circle Road – The best route that Iceland has to offer is the Ring Road. The most accessible areas to view beautiful waterfalls in Iceland would be Eyjafjordur, Frangafjordur and Hveragerdi, which are situated in the south western part of the country. The best way to get to all these locations is to take a bus or a train and if you wish to travel by yourself, there is a good chance that you will pass through some magnificent landscape along the way. This route is the most preferred for hiking and most tourists are advised to employ a guide when they reach the various locations.

Ring Road route 2 – If you prefer to travel on your own, then this is the ideal route for you to take. However, there are quite a few hiking trails as well as other great outdoor activities that you will be able to enjoy while you travel on this route. The most important part of this route would be the towns of Hveragerdi, Hnifsdalur, Hragana, Keflavik, Paglia, and Sigtuna. In addition to this, there is also the Ring Road that runs through the heart of the Grana Gulf. This route is well worth seeing for its landscapes and views.

Waterfall Canyon – This is another breathtaking location that is worth visiting and exploring. It is formed by the Grana Gulf flowing through the cove of Althingra. The waterfall reaches a maximum height of around 11 metres. The falls are lined with vegetation and you can easily see birds and even deer. This is a good place for families to spend some time together, especially during the summer months. You should however be careful as there are some areas where visitors are prohibited.

Gufoss Waterfalls – There are many waterfalls throughout Iceland. However, Gufoss is one of the most famous. It is formed by glacial waters that flow into the sea. There are around twenty waterfalls within the area of Gufoss and they are all impressive. The main waterfall Gufoss is fifteen meters in height and it is possible to walk directly towards it. However, if you prefer to turn onto route number two, which takes you directly to the waterfalls, then this is the place for you.

Myrtle Beach Waterfall – This is one of the most impressive waterfalls that Iceland has to offer and it is certainly worth visiting. It is made from scree and it is a very popular tourist attraction. The waterfall is situated near the Fjord area and it is actually visible from the town of Myrtle Beach. The views from this waterfall are absolutely breathtaking and if you want to experience great views along the way to the ocean then this is the place for you.

Waterfalls Iceland are definitely some of the finest that are found in the world. If you want to walk along the fjords and enjoy views of the unique landscape that Iceland has to offer, then there are plenty of attractive waterfalls that you should certainly take a look at. The highly recommended waterfall that you need to visit is definitely the Smokestone Waterfall in the village of Siglufjordur where you can stand and enjoy watching the spectacular scenery as well as listen to the trickling sounds of the water running down through the fjords.