Top 5 Outdoor Games For Kids

Promoting physical activity among kids is vital to their wellbeing and well-being. Unfortunately, many today spend more time indoors than outdoors – which could have serious negative consequences!

Outdoor games are an excellent way for kids to get away from their electronic devices and into nature. Plus, they’re a great opportunity for family or friend bonding!


Frisbee is an enjoyable game that can be played outdoors with friends and family on warm days. It’s an excellent opportunity to practice throwing and enhance accuracy.

Ultimate frisbee is an international sport enjoyed by both kids and adults alike, and can be played on any open patch of ground.

Ultimate frisbee is a team sport where players throw the disc towards one another to score points. At the end of the game, whichever team has scored the most points wins!

I Spy

Kids enjoy playing I Spy, and it can be played indoors or outdoors. It’s an excellent way for them to get active and hone their observation skills.

Playing I Spy requires the first spy (or it) to select an object and provide clues for other children to guess it by looking at colors, sizes or textures. Once chosen, they try their best to guess it correctly using these hints.

If a player guesses correctly, they become the next spy and can select another object to spy on. Otherwise, another hint can be given and play continues as before.

This game can be used in the classroom as a review activity or at birthday parties. It also helps practice working memory – an essential skill for Executive Functioning.


Outdoor games offer a fun way to spend quality time with friends and family. Plus, they’re an excellent opportunity for physical activity as well as developing coordination skills.

KanJam is a fast-paced 2-on-2 flying disc game that can be enjoyed anytime. It’s lightweight and simple to set up, making it the ideal portable entertainment choice.

Play this exciting game anywhere – in your backyard, at the beach, park or tailgate party! Made in America, this product is ideal for anyone wanting to have an enjoyable time while gaming.

Kan Jam offers players the chance to score points by throwing a frisbee into an aluminum can and hitting its front slot, known as an Instant Win. To do this, simply throw your frisbee into the designated area on the can.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is an enjoyable outdoor game that offers a fast-paced mix of fun and fitness. It also helps build teamwork and social skills.

People in wheelchairs will find the game to be an ideal option, as it is easily adaptable for their mobility. Players can navigate around a field or school gym while in their chairs and attempt to grab the other team’s flag without getting tagged.

If a player is tagged, they automatically go to jail and must be saved by teammates. Once released, they can return home and continue playing football on their territory.

Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk play is an excellent way for kids to get outdoors and active. Plus, it lets them use their imaginations and be creative!

Outdoor games are essential for children’s development as they help them learn physically and mentally in a positive manner. Not only that, but they also foster social skills and teach kids about nature!

Sidewalk chalk is composed of Plaster of Paris, water and powdered tempera paint. It contains heated gypsum that hardens when water is added.

Water is the primary component of sidewalk chalk, composed of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-). It acts as a universal solvent, dissolving most substances when mixed together.

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