Types of Outdoor Games For Kids

There are many different types of outdoor games. Some are played on a court or arena while others are played in the open air, such as soccer or tennis. In the case of soccer, the rules are very similar to those of baseball. While most sports have their own specific rules, some games may have very specific requirements, such as a specific field of play. The best part of these games is that they can be played with anyone, including children.

The classic block-stacking game of Jenga is even more fun when played outdoors. In this game, you need 56 identical rectangular blocks. Children take turns adding blocks to the tower until it reaches the top. The goal is to keep the tower from falling over. The wooden Jenga blocks are easy to make yourself or buy a set with a carrying bag. The rules are available online. Once you’ve found a variety of different types of outdoor games for kids, you’ll want to find a few favorites that your kids will enjoy.

Reverse hide-and-seek is another popular outdoor game. One child is “it” and is the one to hide the ball. The other children in the group spread out and try to find the hidden child. When the ball lands on the “it” child’s spot, the rest of the players must run back and catch it. If the ball is bouncing, they must catch it and hit the other players. The person with the ball gets the last spot to find it.

If your group is large enough, you can organize a relay race. Divide your group into equal teams. Have each team tag the other team, and then go through everyone. If there is more than one child on a team, it’s best to divide them into equal teams. There are many variations of this game to choose from. If you’re looking for a game for a larger group, consider playing a version with smaller groups.

Reverse hide-and-seek is an old-school game with a twist. In this game, each player gets a number, and the other team members run away to find the hidden child. Once the child has reached the top of the toss, the other team members must try to catch the disc. If the ball bounces, the tagged kid has to get back and catch it. This game requires coordination, and can be very hard on the hands.

A few other outdoor games are great for large groups. A relay race is an excellent choice if you have a large group of people. In this game, each player gets a number. Then, the person in charge of the “it” has to toss the ball in a straight line. Once the ball reaches the top, the other team members have to run away from the center. The runner then has to catch the ball and hit the other team members with it.

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