A Guide to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

A Guide to Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland is in the canton of Vversholt. The most striking features of this area include the spectacular views over the crystal clear Alpendorf Glacier, which provides an excellent backdrop for picture shots. When visiting this region, you will also get to experience the breathtaking views of the numerous glaciers and waterfalls. You can climb to the top of the Eiger V Glacier and look over the impressive Hohe Tauern National Park. This gives you a great view of the Matterhorn, one of the highest and most prominent peaks in the Alps.

Most visitors to Lauterbrunnen fall in love with the breathtaking views and the tranquility of the region. But there are other attractions that make this place a popular hiking destination. There are more than 20 glaciers in this area. Among them, you can hike to the one in Chamonix. On reaching the summit, you will be treated to amazing alpine views as well as spectacular panoramas of the surrounding landscape. The trail leads you to a shady, moss covered forest and you will be able to see puffins, bunnies, deer and wild flowers during your hike.

In addition to the amazing views, you will enjoy an extremely picturesque landscape. If you are looking forward to a thrilling hiking adventure, then you must include the Alpendorf Glacier in your list. This is rated 4.5 on the Tripadvisor scale of places to visit in Switzerland. A tripadvisor award for this location certifies that it is an excellent place to explore.

For all its outdoor activities, one of the most famous activities in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland is the popular winter sports. The best time to visit Lauterbrunnen during the winter season is between September and April. The weather is at its most beautiful during this period.

When it comes to winter sports, nothing beats the exciting experience of tramping through the lush mountains in search of the magnificent lunden piz gloria. Trampolining is the most famous activity here. You can hike the trails at anytime of the year but the ideal season to trek here is between September and April. You will discover impressive rocky peaks, crystal clear streams and unique wildlife while trekking here.

To add to the excitement, there are also a number of attractions to see while you are in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland. These include the traditional village life, the beautiful river valleys and the 72 waterfalls. The whole place has a rustic atmosphere which makes it a perfect destination for nature lovers. During summers, you can enjoy the natural surroundings of the place with the help of air conditioned vehicles. The best time to visit Lauterbrunnen Switzerland is between September and April when the weather is at its best.

Another best option for those who want to explore the outdoors is the hiking adventure. This is available in different parts of the park and provides you with the opportunity to see some wonderful scenes. In addition to that, you can also view the waterfall of Wengen. It is situated in the Brillonglanca. This waterfall is made from limestone and gives a magnificent view of the surrounding landscape. The best time to explore the Brillonglanca Waterfall is between June and September when the weather is at its warmest.

Other than the waterfalls and hiking tracks, there are many other outdoor activities that you can do in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland. You can visit the geothermal hot springs in Swiss Alps as well as the beautiful lakes and seas. To add on to the exciting moments of your visit to the place, you can also go for the thrilling adventurous activities like river rafting, camping, and hot air balloon ride. All these activities are available all through the year and provide an exciting experience to the tourists. So if you are looking for a place which is full of scenic beauty and offers a glimpse into the past, where you can see the beautifully crafted stone rocks and enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and surrounding areas, then Lauterbrunnen Switzerland is the best place for you.