Hiking In Beautiful Fjords In Norway

Hiking In Beautiful Fjords In Norway

The beautiful Geirangerfjord (pronounced ge-rai rah-day), Norway. The Geirangerfjord (pronounced ge-rai rah-day) is by far one of the most visually stunning fjords in Norway. This fjord lies in the very north part of that country that is also commonly known as fjord Norway. It is a formation of the coastal dikes along the northern part of its surrounding area that forms the large fjords. These fjords formed the perfect picture-perfect landscapes that you would have seen in any of your travel magazine or book.

Traveling to this region, especially to Norway’s beautiful fjords, can be a spectacular and unforgettable experience for any traveler and tourist. And to discover these areas and discover the spectacular scenery that you will be faced with. However, you have to make sure that you will be well guided tour operator to assure you safety and to maximize your vacation. You should choose a travel operator that has the expertise in organizing travel to Norway and other exciting destinations around the world, particularly to the wonderful and beautiful fjords.

There are many travel operators who offer Norway travel and tourism, but most offer services like travel to Norway and fjord tours but with different approaches and options. Some would offer a full package including your airfare, hotel and other accommodation. Others would just provide the boat ride or excursion.

There is a good reason why more travelers are now seeing the beauty of the northern regions of Norway by taking advantage of a full package tour to Norway with its exciting activities, magnificent sceneries and magnificent landscapes. When taking a boat trip, you will be amazed on how the landscape and the fjords become life itself. During your trip, you can have your meals and beverages at the breakfast table as you cruise along the beautiful river to the fabulous fjords of Norway. Then you can have a leisurely cruise down the majestic waters that lead you to the picturesque and captivating Norwegian fjords. These are the perfect places for a relaxing vacation where you can feel free and carefree.

The best fjords and scenery to explore when you take a trip to Norway are the Lofoten, Skokkloster, Kattegat, Grimstad, Nordland, Nordfjordon and Vestfold. These regions have a number of scenic hiking trails, fantastic scenery, picturesque spots and many more. Some of the popular hiking trails include Hveragerdiaget, Longjungfjavell, Hundrekad, Enebakk, Saale, Schiebanger, Hnifsdalur, Heiligen, etc. The best part about exploring the fjords is that you can enjoy plenty of activities like kayaking, rafting, paragliding, etc.

The next region that you must explore when you go on a Norway travel is the hardangerfjord hiking trails in Stykkola. The most prominent landmark of this region is the third largest mountain in Norway, the Yngvada Glacier. The journey takes around three hours and forty minutes from the capital, Bergen. The exciting and exhilarating nature of this region makes it one of the favorite tourist destinations in Norway

If you want to experience one of the most beautiful fjords in Norway then you must plan your trip to the area named after the well-known Norwegian writer Boomersmark. The most popular area of this region is called Njahednangal, which is situated in Stykkola. Boomersmark’s famous book was published in Norwegian, but his name lives on in Norway and has become synonymous with bold and wonderful ideas. The Geirangerfjord will take around three days and one night.

The final region that you must explore on your Norway trip is the Lysefjord. This is another set of remarkable fjords that is known for its scenic beauty and unique landscape. You will be able to find several smaller fjords here that you can hike and ride on. The best fjords are located in Langesund, Froland, Sogni, and Holandas. However, if you do not want to spend too much time in these regions, you should definitely visit the region called Vangangestad, where there are numerous opportunities for outdoor activities.