Celebrating the Holidays

Holidays are an opportunity to take time off work, celebrate religious festivals or simply relax on a vacation day.

Holidays can be an amazing time for family bonding and community involvement. Not to mention giving loved ones gifts!

Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve services often see an increase in attendance at many churches, offering the church an opportunity to reach people who do not regularly attend church services.

Your Christmas service provides the ideal chance to use classic carols and hymns that will entertain and engage your guests, and to showcase your choir and soloists. Additionally, music helps build anticipation and excitement about what lies ahead – the perfect combination!

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars first began surfacing in Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century. Gerhard Lang is widely credited with producing the original printed calendar featuring colourful pictures.

Advent calendars traditionally feature a bible verse or quote for every day during the Advent season. Due to paper rationing during World War II, calendar production had stopped; however, Richard Sellmer, a German publisher revived this tradition in 1946.

Drive-Thru Lights

Though COVID-19 cut into many family activities, we can still enjoy the joyous season through drive-thru holiday light shows. These dazzling displays light up the night and offer exciting Instagram moments!

Gardens Aglow at Coastal Maine Botanical Garden transforms their property into a shimmering display of twinkling lights, from Rainbow Tunnel of Lights to Candy Cane Lane and beyond. Don’t miss it this holiday season!

Be sure to bring along some of your favorite seasonal road tunes during your visit – many holiday light displays offer their own radio station with songs specifically chosen to complement the display.


Hide-and-seek is an entertaining family activity. Requiring both physical and mental skills, it helps children hone their ability to keep secrets while working as part of a team.

One player acts as the seeker and closes their eyes while everyone else hides. Once everyone is hidden, the seeker counts and goes on a hunt to locate all players hiding in one area.

Christmas Day Church Service

Christmas Day is an exciting event for many churches, offering them a special opportunity to build community and meet new people.

Music sets the atmosphere for services, while decorations help make churches welcoming places. Some churches also reenact the Nativity story as an engaging way of engaging children in church services and getting them excited about Jesus’ birth.


An e-card is a virtual greeting card sent through the Internet. Users select their card from a website and can personalize it by adding text or images to it.

Nonprofit eCards make it easy and economical to express our thanks to donors, volunteers, and supporters of your cause. In addition, they help raise awareness for the cause as people share them on social media. Perfect for any special event year-round!

Cookie Decorating Party

Cookie decorating parties are an enjoyable way to bring family and friends together for an event they will all remember fondly. Be sure to organize some tasks ahead of time so your time in the kitchen doesn’t waste when hosting one!

Have bowls filled with various embellishments such as sprinkles, candy and colored sugars ready for guests to use to personalize their cookies, and ensure they each have a tin baking sheet to take home their masterpieces in.

Holiday Movie Night

An intimate holiday movie night can be a wonderful way to bring families closer together during this magical season. Add in some holiday movie trivia or charades for added fun and it is sure to be an entertaining night in for all!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach will host an unforgettable movie night featuring Elf, complete with popcorn, drinks and more! Don’t miss this eventful celebration for all ages.

Gingerbread House Building

Gingerbread houses make festive Christmas treats, and can look spectacular if done right, but creating one requires more than sweet treats alone. Their integrity rests upon being able to stay together without breaking apart in transit.

Icing is often used to hold together gingerbread houses, but sometimes it’s simply not strong enough. Try this TikTok recipe for creating an impregnable structure that won’t collapse!

Drive-In Movie Night

Drive-in theaters became less common as other movie-going experiences became more convenient and accessible, but due to COVID-19 pandemic they have seen renewed interest as fun and nostalgic experience.

This weekend marks the return of Stardust Drive-In in Chetek with two Disney and Paramount films on both screens! Children are welcome in vehicles as there is also a playground, baseball pitch and volleyball court available for their use.

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