What Are the Most Popular Holidays?

Holidays are designated days or periods when schools, businesses, and other normal day-to-day activities are reduced or suspended in order to observe or commemorate an important occasion.

Calendar holidays mark off time off of work for workers, while simultaneously commemorating people, victories, religious milestones or life milestones as well as commemorative personal events.


Thanksgiving is an annual American and Canadian holiday that commemorates the harvest and other blessings from the previous year. On this special day of thanksgiving, families and friends come together for fellowship and feast on traditional foods to express their thanksgiving and show their gratitude.

Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when English colonists of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts invited Wampanoag tribe members for a harvest feast as an expression of thanks for helping grow crops, hunt for food and learn to fish.

President Abraham Lincoln declared a national day of Thanksgiving during the American Civil War as an attempt to ease tensions between northern and southern states and tribal nations, but mass executions of Dakota Indians led to greater sectional strife.


Christmas marks the commemoration of Jesus Christ’s birth and is celebrated worldwide by Christians worldwide.

Christmas comes from the Old English term Cristes maesse, meaning “Christ’s Mass.” In Christian traditions, Christmas marks the celebration of the birth of Jesus; its feast day was initially observed annually on December 25.

Christmas Day marks a special time of year, when people give each other gifts, attend church services, and decorate their homes with Christmas trees. Additionally, this holiday provides shoppers with special sales offers throughout the season.

As part of their holiday preparations, many people travel abroad during Christmastime to visit family or take part in festive celebrations. You could opt for tropical destinations like Sri Lanka, Vietnam or Jordan; salsa dancing in Cuba; wildlife viewing in Costa Rica – no matter where your travels take you just make sure it’s an experience filled with memories! No matter where you spend this special season of holidays – make it fun-filled memories to last forever!

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in the US is an annual occasion marked by revelry and parties for many people, as well as large-scale public events that attract thousands of attendees.

Norway makes New Year’s Eve an official public holiday with fireworks displays across the nation to mark both its end and start.

Some countries place great significance on New Year’s Eve celebrations among family, friends, and children, including children. Families typically share a meal and drink together before welcoming in 2019 with fireworks displays or by setting off fireworks themselves.

Romania traditionally celebrates New Year’s Eve by hosting traditional festivities both in Sibiu city and rural areas. On this non-working day, there will be feasting and dancing as families come together and spend quality time with loved ones who couldn’t make the celebration.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, held annually on February 14, is an occasion where people show their affection for those they care about by sending flowers, cards and gifts – often to make someone feel extra special!

Charles Duke of Orleans wrote the first recorded Valentine card in 1415 for his wife, Margaret of Orleans. Since then, Valentines cards have become widely celebrated over time – nowadays many couples give each other cards on Valentine’s Day to commemorate their love.

According to Hallmark, over 145 million Valentine’s cards are exchanged annually worldwide. While most associate Valentine’s Day with romantic gestures, its true purpose may simply be a reminder to treat your partner with care and affection.

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