Cute Italian Coastal Towns With Beautiful Beaches

Cute Italian Coastal Towns With Beautiful Beaches

Coastal towns are typically small and have a low key lifestyle. However, many of these coastal towns in Italy have a unique charm that attracts thousands of tourists every year. A walk along the coastline of any one of these small coastal towns in Italy is guaranteed to be a unique experience with their combination of ancient history and beautiful beaches. Most of these towns were never built for tourism but have instead remained unbuilt for years due to the natural beauty they possess. With this unique charm comes several beaches and attractions that can be enjoyed by all ages from young children to the elderly.

Gela, Breganze, Ragusa, Volterra, Marzocchi, Faviana, Tarquinie and Genoa are just some of the towns that make up Gela, an area of coast about two hours north of Venice. Gela has several popular beaches to offer visitors such as the famous Ragusa beach, which has a strong windsor and a white sand beach with a black statue of the Virgin on its front. This is a well-known attraction amongst locals as it attracts many couples and families looking to spend some quiet time together. A trip to Ragusa beach can be a bit crowded at times with locals coming from all over the world to visit the beautiful and romantic Gela coast.

Breganze is another small town on the Gela coast, it is a popular beach town because of the beautiful views it has. Locals in Breganze take great pride in their town as it attracts tourists from around the world on a regular basis. Breganze has a couple of small old villages nearby that add to the local culture of the town. The main attraction of Breganze is the Lake Maggoire, a body of water located about 2 kilometers from the town that offers an ideal location for many fishing trips and is very popular among tourists. Many lovers of outdoor sports take a trip to this lake each day to enjoy a picnic and to go swimming in the warm and clear waters.

Ragusa and Citta are two other small Italian coastal towns that also have attracted a large number of visitors. Both these towns sit on the rocky coasts of the Liguria region and attract people on a daily basis by offering them views that are breathtaking. The towns are built on the slope of hills and are surrounded by green fields that give the towns a green nature. Citta, the smallest town of Ragusa, has a lively atmosphere that makes it very popular with couples spending a romantic break.

The third and last major town on the coast of Venetian Alps is Corte de’Vico. It is a popular vacation spot with lovers of good food and wine. The town sits high on the slopes of the mountains and is well connected with other Italian coastal towns. Some of the smaller cities are also connected with this town making it very convenient for tourists to travel between them all. Some of the wine producers here produce excellent and interesting wines that attract many Italian wine lovers.

The last but not least among the three coastal towns in Venetian Alps is the town of Porto Vecchio. It is a beautiful spot with lots of greenery and trees that gives a very natural feel. Here one can also take pleasure in watching migrating birds. This is the most popular place in the town of Venetian Alps with tourists that come here mostly on vacation. It also offers great food that is easy to find in this town.

All these three towns are perfect for lovers of nature and beaches. They are places that attract tourists from across Europe regularly. The architecture in these towns is very unique with their cobbled streets and unique structures. Most houses in these towns are unique with some of them having a fountain or statue in them.

These towns are home to many different types of people from all over Europe. A trip to such towns would really help you to understand that life in Europe truly does feel like one. So if you are planning a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, a trip to Venetian Alps and Porto Vecchio would be a must to make. You would love the calmness that these three towns will offer you on your journey.